DICLOFENAC TIS 10mg/g, gel

 1 g of DICLOFENAC TIS 10 mg/g, gel contains 10 mg of diclofenac sodium and excipients.

Local symptomatic treatment of:
– muscle pain or rheumatic osteoarticular pain;
– postoperative and posttraumatic edema;
– muscle pain or traumatic osteoarticular pain (mild injuries of tendons,ligaments, etc.).

– Adults: apply DICLOFENAC TIS 10 mg/g gel, externally 3-4 times a day, to the affected area. The administered dose may vary, depending on the affected area; apply about 2 – 4 g of gel (corresponding to about 5-10 cm gel).
To achieve the optimal gel absorption, it is recommended to gentle and long-term massage the painful and/or inflamed area.

50 g tube