NutriTIS Moisturizing mask

Moisturising and refreshing mask, for normal and seborrheic skin.
Deep purifying mask which revives and smoothes the skin; after using it, the skin becomes clean and bright. It has a soft texture (easily spreads), is being totally absorbed after application and the skin regains its elasticity.
The active principles from natural herbal extracts (lavender, balm, sage), have astringent and disinfecting effects, activate the skin microcirculation, efficiently rejuvenates the skin and contribute to pore closing.
The natural oily extracts (Avocado, carrot, grape seeds), natural pollen proteins and vitamin E perform cellular revitalization and skin nourishing.

Active ingredients:
vitamin E, clay, Avocado oil, herbal oily extracts (lavender, carrot, grape seeds), natural herbal extracts (balm, sage), pollen proteins and amino-acids.

Apply the mask to the precleaned skin. Due to its light texture it can be applied to the skin without afterwards removal (total absorption) or it can be left on the skin for at least 15 minutes, and then removed by simple water washing.

 40 ml tube