PlantagoTIS® , 20% plantain gel

 100 g gel contain 20 g Plantago lanceolatae follium liquid extract and excipients.


PlantagoTIS®, gel (20% Plantago lanceolataefollium liquid extract) is indicated in the treatment of superficial burns, excoriations, wounds and skin graft during cicatrisation phase.
PlantagoTIS®, gel is a herbal medicine indicated in the treatment of:
– secondary erythema due to radiotherapy and any other erythema;
– 1st and 2nd degree burns of various etiologies (sunburns, thermal burns, chemical burns, electrical burns);
– diabetic ulcers, arteriar ulcer, venous ulcer, pressure sores;
– graft donor areas; other skin lesions (excoriations, abrasions, etc.);
– minor mucosa inflammation.

PlantagoTIS® can be used as such or in combination with allopathic medicines.
Apply to the affected skin areas.
The administration, the frequency and the duration of treatment may vary according to the nature of the disease and the application site. It can be easily removed by simple washing.

20 g tube